We use ClickBank as the system for our affiliate program.

Christina Sponias is a vendor at ClickBank by the username chris7788. A vendor is a person who povides a product which the affiliates can sell to other people. Affiliates earn a commission (a percentage of the payment)  on every sale. You earn 75% of every sale you make.

To participate, you need to register as an affiliate at Clickbank. Learn how to do that here.

Let's say you have registered an affiliate account at ClickBank and the username is john32.

You would advertise Christina's books simply by promoting only one URL.

The URL in this case would be:

Of course, since your username will not be john32, you will have to change the username in the URL.

If you want to know where and how you can promote this link, look here.

Let's say you send it to a friend of yours. He clicks the link and will be shown a page where Christina's books are listed. He becomes interested in a certain offer and clicks on the "Buy via ClickBank" button near the offer. He completes the payment and you will be immediately given a commission on this sale. At the same time, he gets immediate access to the book he has bought, without any hassle.

That's it! The system is fully automated and easy to use. If you need any further help, you can contact us.