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The real power of the dream messages has only now been completely discovered thanks to my research into the unknown region of the human psyche through dream interpretation. I prove this to you in my ebooks, as you’ll be able to verify yourself, because I give you the full knowledge. You will learn how to translate dreams and how to use this knowledge to your advantage; your progress will be tremendous!  

If you are a good student, you’ll become a real genius, because the scientific method of dream interpretation helps you develop your intelligence to its fullest, besides giving you information that you could not have through any other means.  

You’ll observe in your daily life that you can absolutely trust the unconscious mind that produces your dreams, and you’ll feel grateful everyday for being able to understand the dream language, and the important messages you receive in your own dreams. 

The ebook Dream Interpretation as a Science will give you the power to understand the dream language, and thus the power to predict the future, but not only that: you’ll also have the power to prepare the future according to what will be most favorable to you, as well as being able to see what will happen beforehand.  

The unconscious mind that produces your dreams shows you how to eliminate negative future results, by correcting mistakes in your behavior and actions.  

This means that you’ll have information in dreams and guidance about all points of your life: the person you love, your family, your work, your friends, your mental health, and more. The unconscious mind is your doctor and teacher, always helping you to get good results in all areas of your life; in other words, you’ll have the power to easily find solutions for all your problems.  

The ebook Craziness Prevention will give you the power to eliminate the roots of violence, immorality and absurdity from your brain, which means that you won’t be in danger of being dominated by the craziness contained in the wild side of the human brain. This is your primitive conscience, which is totally absurd, and constantly tries to dominate the human side of your human conscience, so that it can control your behavior, provoking mental illnesses to your human side.  

Thanks to the ebook Craziness Prevention you’ll be able to completely eliminate this danger from your life once and for all, and keep your mental health for life; you will also be able to cure any mental illness that may be torturing youincluding schizophrenia and psychosis, besides neurosis and depression, which are the simplest mental illnesses, and which can be cured through dream therapy in only 2 to 8 months

Craziness Prevention will also show you how other people think and feel, and you’ll have the power to read their minds and understand their intentions by observing various details of their behavior, besides getting information about them in your own dreams

The ebook Interpreting Dreams about the Person you Love will give you the power to understand what is happening with the person you love and learn all their secrets. You’ll learn the truth about them, only by translating the meaning of your dreams. The unconscious mind is very generous and sends you very clear messages when giving you information about the most important person in your life. This is why the dreams about love are the simplest ones, which means that you’ll be able to very easily understand them, before completely learning the dream language.  

The ebook Dead People in Dreams will give you the power to prevent premature deaths, in conjunction with the knowledge you’ll acquire in Dream Interpretation as a Science and Craziness Prevention. You’ll realize that it is very difficult to prevent someone’s death, but that it is possible, and you’ll be able to do it when necessary.   

Unfortunately in the world in which we live, along with the many deaths of young people due to diseases, they also die because they commit suicide, or because they are naïve and they ignore many dangers.  

If you have children, you need to learn how to have the power to help them preserve their lives. This is possible now, thanks to the scientific method of dream interpretation, which helps you avoid accidents and other tragedies, besides showing you how to prevent premature deaths. This is a protection that you may need for yourself too, because you can learn how to prevent your own premature death.  

What does it mean to prevent a premature death? It means to prolong someone’s life. Only that instead of telling you that you’ll learn how to prolong your life or someone else’s life (which could give you the impression that you’ll learn how to live 200 years of age for example, which is not the case), I’m telling you that you’ll learn how to prevent a death before its time, because I want to tell you the truth exactly as it is, without misleading you with false impressions.  

However, the value of being able to prevent someone’s death is equal to the value of being able to prolong someone’s life, even though this doesn’t mean that you’ll have control over everyone’s life. You’ll simply understand how to prevent what causes someone’s death, in other words: you’ll have much more protection than ignorant people.  

With all this information, the dream power will be part of your tools in life. You’ll be protected all the time, and you’ll become always more and more intelligent as you learn more, since you’ll have access to a higher level of knowledge.  

Besides so many benefits, you also receive as bonuses the ebooks Wisdom and Love and Happiness for Life, which will help you understand the meaning of life, and how to live happily with your partner forever, and the ebook Craziness Prevention as a bonus too. You pay for only three ebooks and you will receive six ebooks, and the bonuses you receive are as valuable as the ebooks you are paying for.  

You can also purchase each ebook separately over time, receiving their respective bonus, but the total amount you’ll pay for them is going to be € 60.20.  

If you purchase the dream power collection all at once, you will be able to share the payment of your ebooks in monthly installments!  

Your first installment will be 40% of the total value of the three ebooks you are purchasing (while the other three are bonuses), which means that you’ll pay only € 24.08 for 6 ebooks, and then you can share the next installments in 9 even monthly payments, which can be as low as only € 4 per month, while if you purchase each ebook alone, you won’t be able to share the payment so much. 

Receive 6 excellent ebooks NOW and pay for everything in very cheap monthly installments! 

What could be more helpful than that? 

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