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You can sell Christina's books as an affiliate and earn 75% on each and every sale!

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The Benefits of Joining My Affiliate Program

Dear Friend,

I know that you are trying to make money and that you want to be certain of making it in the easiest and safest way possible.

You don’t want to promote a product that is problematic … On the contrary, you want to promote an excellent product that will thrill your customers and keep them coming back for more.   

So, you are looking for a product that is a safe bet for you and makes your customers happy.  

You want to promote a product that is easy to sell, because it is demanded, it is ideal for everyone, and doesn’t cost you a lot of time and energy writing promotions and advertising material and drumming up customers. You would rather spend your time elsewhere!

My ebooks are exactly what you were looking for. I do serious work about subjects that really matter to people. I spent long hours studying and cured many people over 19 years before daring to share my knowledge with the world about the scientific method of dream translation.

All my customers love my ebooks; many of them are my good friends because the information I give in my ebooks is real; it is real knowledge with real solutions to your problems.

Even if you only do one thing that I teach you in my ebooks, you will be relieved. This knowledge is precious and will help you in all aspects of your life.

I teach you how to face all the problems in your life with wisdom, and I teach you how to translate the meaning of dream messages, which give you free guidance. Once you learn the language of dreams you will be able to use the wise guidance given to you every day in your dreams by your unconscious mind for the rest of your life.

The meaning of our dreams is a real treasure. This knowledge is a blessing for those that have it. You don’t need to buy my ebooks to become an affiliate, but I recommend that you do, so that you can understand the true value of the product you are promoting.

My ebooks are real diamonds. When you see that for yourself you will feel good about promoting them. You can be proud of promoting this product and you will have the benefit in your own life by learning how to translate your own dreams.

Dream messages work like psychotherapy, giving you many lessons in life to protect you. 

This is something that is really good to sell - ebooks that give valuable knowledge to everyone. And you’ll see that I really do teach people how to translate their dreams and how to use this knowledge in order to solve successfully all the problems.

You’ll be able to verify how really precious this knowledge is, by translating your own dreams and learning this way. You’ll avoid what is bad and prepare the future that you desire. Predictions in dreams will become routine for you after a while if you take dream interpretation seriously and you write down your dreams daily.

My dream therapy has already been thoroughly tested over the course of 19 years and the positive results are guaranteed. Translating dream messages helps everyone, even if they only interpret one dream or a dramatic nightmare. 

You are not selling an eBook about someone’s ideas or personal experiences or even about their knowledge. You are selling ebooks that give everyone a key to another level of knowledge translating their own dreams. This is medicine, since it is free psychotherapy for everyone.

So, you have an excellent product with guaranteed positive results – you can be sure beforehand that everyone will be glad because they decided to purchase this merchandise from you, and you are at the same time building your email list with your customers, because you want to sell more to these people. You want repeat customers that will trust all the products promoted by you.

You build your business this way. As an affiliate, you want to make money from other people’s products and you want to do that over and over again, not just once.

Create your own free blog in seconds. I like very much because it is very easy to use. Wordpress is also another great option. There are many to choose from, even though I advise you to register your blog in your own domain name.   

Your blog could be about products that help people live happier lives, and then you look for several products that help people have a better life. Your main product, of course  will be my line of ebooks because those will bring you money for sure.

Write a few words about what you think the benefits are for people to learn how to translate their own dreams using the scientific method of dream translation that has proven results.

Then use any of my articles to promote my ebooks on your blog. Submitting articles to article directories sends people to your blog and provides you their email addresses for future offers. You can use the text from my resource box if you want to, and at the end, insert a link to your own site instead of mine.

You may also use your affiliate link and send them directly to my website, receiving your commission without having your own website or blog. You don’t need a website or blog; you only have to promote your affiliate link.  

Go to and find many small niches that need my ebooks and offer them what they need. Then make a splash page for each ebook according to its subject matter, offering them a solution for their problems.

Take part of several discussions in forums with your affiliate link in your signature, and talk about all the benefits of free, safe dream therapy that helps everyone solve all the problems in their lives. Your link in your signature will send people to your blog, or to my website if you don’t want to keep a blog. Your commissions are guaranteed in any case.

Use my ebooks and articles to build your business, even without having a website or blog!

While I keep writing and producing content, you will be selling the great content I provide, and building your own email list of customers. You are the intermediate: the seller. They will know you, and not me directly. So, you profit from my work, receiving 75% of the price for every ebook.

And later you can promote other products to your own email list!

I write a fresh informative article everyday, to educate my readers. This means that you will have fresh material to put on your blog everyday, to help you attract new customers (if you’ll have a blog). You can simply copy the article you’ll find at the top of my article collection at and use it to provide good content to your blog’s visitors, and to transform your visitors into customers using my own words. You can choose any article from my article collection and use it however you please. All you have to do is copy it and paste it into your own blog, like many other people do.

You can also send my articles to your subscribers in Your Newsletters, using ready material for your own benefit.

To learn how the affiliate system exactly works, read this.


To Your Success!

Christina Sponias